Flexible Ownership of spectacular getaway homes.

We facilitate the fractional purchase of fully managed second homes in top European locations. Own and enjoy the home without having to buy the whole property.

The Vivla Philosophy

At Vivla, we care about your lifestyle and wealth, so we have thoughtfully designed a different model to buy homes in a flexible way. You can enjoy the best fully serviced luxury villas in Europe without wasting a fortune on them.

We personally curate the most unique properties and exclusive services in top Mediterranean destinations to offer our members the opportunity to become homeowners with absolute flexibility and peace of mind. We take care of every step of your buying process, including any legal or administrative work, as well as any detail of managing your home. It´s easy and flexible. We also provide a full customized list of accommodation services so you can make the most of every getaway trip, and feel at home every single time.

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We would like to know you better so we can craft our selection of beautiful homes to perfectly fit what you are looking for.

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Vivla can be currently enjoyed by members through an invite-only system. Do not hesitate to apply online, or get referred through our ambassador network. We will love to meet you and find out more about what makes your dream home. Share a few details with us and we will get in touch with you to start a conversation upon meeting our requirements.

Excellent Homes, certified by Real Estate Professionals

Our network of trusted developers and agencies offers a unique portfolio of selected properties in every market. Vivla selects and certifies, one by one, the best properties in each destination with a thorough technical and architectural certification process.

Point inspection and verification

True Legal Ownership, adapted for you

A robust legal framework developed by Garrigues (#1 law firm in Spain), that guarantees true ownership without the typical hassles of being a sole homeowner.

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    Smart and Flexible Investment, to build long term wealth

    Invest just what you can afford and you want to use: no more, no less. Invest in a stable luxury asset with high liquidity. It is the perfect match of your lifestyle and your wealth, so you maximize ‘lifejoyment’ at any point in life.

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